North Miami Beach FL Dentist Offers TMJ Treatment for Jaw Pain and More

Speaking, chewing, and swallowing would not be possible without your temporomandibular joints. These joints are more commonly known as TMJ. TMJ disorders can make these simple daily tasks painful and difficult.
The following are common causes of TMJ disorders:
• Grinding of teeth
• The alignment of your teeth and jaw
• Arthritis
• Dislocation
• Oral Injury
There are several therapy options to help cope with the pain and decrease the discomfort of TMJ disorders. Dr. Azar can properly diagnose your condition and the cause, and discuss the following treatment options:
• Facial exercises to help gain strength within the jaw
• Medications including muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory
• Night guards to protect teeth from stress clenching or grinding of teeth
• Surgery
If you think you may be suffering from, or need help treating your TMJ disorder, please give our office a call to schedule your next appointment today.