Family Dentist in North Miami Beach FL Shares the Truth Behind 3 Dental Myths

Like with all types of medicine, dental health is often the context behind a number of myths and urban legends. Many of these myths are so ingrained that people barely even stop to consider their validity anymore. But the truth is that there are some things that need to be brought to the forefront in order to promote better overall health and understanding of teeth. Here are just 3 dental myths and the truth behind them. 
If It Doesn’t Hurt, It’s Not a Cavity
Most people think a toothache is automatically a cavity, therefore, they assume that the absence of pain means there is nothing wrong with their teeth. This is a dangerous assumption. Cavities are not inherently painful unless they progress to the point of allowing stimulants to penetrate the tooth and irritate the nerve. Some cavities can grow so large without producing pain that by the time they are discovered it is too late to do anything, and the tooth is lost. Conversely, a minor toothache does not necessarily mean you have a cavity. But the point is that complacency can be harmful to your teeth—get regular checkups and say yes to x-rays every time you’re asked.
A Little Bit of Bleeding While Brushing is Okay
This myth is probably the biggest offender, as it has been around for quite a while. Try to think of another part of the body that, when you clean it, it bleeds (and you’re okay with that). You probably can’t think of one because there are none. Teeth and gums are no exception. Any amount of bleeding is a sign of a problem. Obviously there are different degrees of bleeding and different degrees of problems. But the bottom line is that a completely healthy mouth will not bleed one drop when brushing or flossing. 
“Bad Teeth Run in My Family”
Many people are quick to blame their genetics for their dental woes. Obviously there are some genetic links to be taken into account, but that is merely a distraction from the fact that anyone, regardless of how “bad” they think their teeth are, can have a healthy mouth if they take the right steps. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing every day, not smoking, not consuming large amounts of sugar or carbohydrates—these are things that work. They work when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, and it does not matter what your dental genetics are. 
The important reason to bust myths like these is that knowing the truth can help you keep your mouth healthier. Don’t believe everything you hear—and take good care of your teeth! You won’t regret it!
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